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The Best Battery App For iPhone!!!

This is a very good app for checking battery on iPhone!

nice animation BUT on iPad ALWAY SHOWS ONLY 0 as stats !!! worthless !!!

7/21/2017 updated 3 to 1 star - nice BUT on iPad Air ALWAY SHOWS ONLY 0 as stats !!! worthless !!! and takes foreever to show full charge usually shows normal.with ENDLESS 1 minute left to charge. i will NEVER order pro worthless on iPad. but it should work like other products do. i have given it hours and started from less than 10% and it still says 38 minutes till done, very FEW full charges!!! PLUS NONE of the stats show values other than 00:00 ... becoming worthless . i will NOT buy pro based on this . has NOT been updated for a while !!! AND WHEN THERE IS 1 minute left to charge (it is taking MORE than a minute) !!!! not nice to HAVE to keep in focus all the time. ALSO model is not right (says NONE) AND can NOT order pro using the button. iPad Air iOS 10.2.1 Doug qa engineer / tester / enhancement suggester / helper Remember: if it's not broken, don't fix it, enhance it = continuing improvement !!!

Still works

Still works showing charge time on my iPhone six plus. The info is na.

Freeze Zone

Tried to use after have downloaded IOS7. It does not move using tips disappointment. Tried other apps I had bought but having problems since down the new update on O/S. Wish refund.

Very cool app

Brings back great memories from my old iPod 3rd gen Now I have the iphone 5 this app is not updated for it yet, however I will be expecting them to update this gorgeous app soon! :D Love it! 😀


Need iPhone 5 support

Very helpful

Used this app for years. Awesome that it supports 3.1.3 and all iPhones and iPods. Does the job well.

Useless for iphone5

As title

After installation of this app, the battery keeps about 6 hours Standby!!!

Do not install!

Cool App

Useless, needs Up date for iPod 5G and iPhone 5 Please

False advertisement

Did not display the times for anything.I would give it zero stars if I could.

Too inaccurate

The colors and graphics are good. However the usefulness of the app are worthless. Tells me I have forty two minutes of games when my battery is at eight percent. Tells me I have a half hour of talk time when I have maybe ten minutes at best. I can guess better at what I have left versus what this tells me. This app hasn't had an update in years. It's time to wake up developers and see the light and complaints from your customers, not just collecting money from ads.

Still incomplete support

Please add an iPad version of this


When you look at the log what's the diff between the colors red yellow andd green

Thanks for 4s support!

Amazing app 5 stars thanks!

Pretty Cool

Breaks down different categories like how much times left on data or songs or games ect. Good tips for newbies


I love this app


This battery app is very useful to check the battery life, but there are 2 glitches that seem strange to me. The reason why I took off 1 star is because every time I set it so that there is a sound when it fully charges, it resets it so there is no sound. What am I supposed to do, stay on that page so it doesn't reset? The reason why I took off another star from the rating is because when I downloaded it, the log showed the same lines and they said none. All but the last one that said "charging 100%". The problems are small but they are useful features once they're fixed.

Battery Drainer

Killed the battery on my iPhone 4


Best battery app for iPod. Love it. Tells u how much battery life is left for games,video,and everything else.


This app rocks my iPhone lol

Works pretty good


Looovvvvveeeee ittttt

This App is awesome it does everything better than any other better app in the app store

The Times Square of battery apps (in a good way)

Informative, simple and good looking.

It's okay

I set the app for it to go off when its fully charged but it doesn't do anything. Overall it's pretty good and it looks cool but that it.

Battery saver

The best thing about it is that it has tips to save ur battery but after I left it cuz it's easier to look at the little battery


It's pretty cool I just don't see the point when you know how much battery life you have. It is useful only to see how much talk time and the battery saving tips are good too, just not for me I guess.


It's not the best my iPod touch is the third generation and it lies and said it's the second


It's alright but it would be a whole lot easier to look at the bar you already have!!!+it takes FOREVER to load!!!

Battery saver

Love it When I fully charged it and the next day I hardly lost any power

Too many ads!!!!!!!

These BlueWind apps only have simple functions to perform. Too bad the usefulness of their apps are greatly impaired by nag ads every 15 seconds or so. These apps get 1 Star from me until they remove them completely!!

v4.0.3 won't create new entries in battery status log

For some reason when I updated to version 4.0.3, it no longer recorded new entries in the battery status log. I tried closing and re-starting the app, but still wouldn't create new entries, although past entries created under v4.0.1 were still visible. I restored v4.0.1 from the recycle bin, and the status log creates new entries just fine again. The status log is one of the more unique features of this app, please fix it in the next update. I'm running iOS 4.1 on a 32gb iPod Touch 3rd generation if that helps.


한국어가 있어서 영어로 볼 필요없이 한글로 봐서 좋습니다. 제작자분 매우매우 사랑합니닷!!!+3+ I love you!!!!

Get it!

Accurate & very nice to look at; a necessity for ALL iPhone models!


Very handy app! :)


Needs an iPod touch 4G compatibility update

best battery app

...good simple graphics and pretty accurate

How useful!

This app is so much more precise than the built in battery icon. And it is pretty to look at!

THE Best App

A must-buy!


Its alryt but not the kind im looking for

Don't bother...

Not the slightest bit accurate, even though it's free, don't waste your time and your iPod's memory.

Pretty good app

Not sure of differences between this n pro version. Any body else notice the picture of the iPhone 4 stating it is a 3GS in the first picture.

1 questions

Ummmm..... Do I have 2 keep it open 4 it 2 charge or does it do it by it's self??? I love the app though!!!!! Soooo pretty!!!!!!!! :) :) :)

Not bad

It's okey as a free App..


. When i did tri charge it did not work

Pretty interface

It looks dam pretty!


This app is not very good

Best for iPod

This is great for the iPod since it does not include the show baterry percentage option great app

Yet another battery app

This one is at least pretty.

Do We need another battery status app?

Presuambly this app accurately provides battery status. The interface is perfect for any adolescent with his or her own iPhone. Parents may also find the UI a perfect distraction for small children and babies. Even though it's "Free", Id find another way of taking up hardrive space on my iPhone.

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